You want the mobile phone number from AD to show in SPO People search?

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When investigating this for a client, I found this link which is kind of nice:

People search with work number

​Note the phone number from AD shows up in the screenshot below:

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Sony Xperia Z2

​​[This post was moved from my previous blog]

I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for 17 months. That is a new record for me for owning a single phone! But I think I now know why I’ve never owned a phone for that long. Because it was starting to fail me. 0-2 times a day I had to reboot it because it stopped working with the cell network. And the biggest problem was that it didnt always notify me. It would indicate coverage as if everything was ok. So if I expected a call, I would have to call a number just to check that I was reachable…

Well, so I decided to buy a phone just temporary while waiting for my next work-phone. I got a decent deal on a Sony Xperia Z2 which was released in May 2014, so still from this year. Allthough already replaced by the Z3 with Sony’s 6 months update schedule.

It’s got all the hardware premium feel that I always missed from Samsung phones. I used to own HTC phones which usually have a nice build quality. The Z2 has a really big screen and I dont think I would want a larger phone than this! It’s got a snappy user interface and a battery that I have not been able to drain in a single day so far. And that is a first with any smartphone that I’ve owned! At least for the first few days playing with it. And with the recent 4.4.4 Android update has been a real bonus giving all the features I was missing from the Z3. Even the Ultra Stamina Mode that I really think is a good idea for an absent-minded person like me who might very well forget to bring a charger for a weekend trip…

​Quite decent standby potential with this one. Allthough temporary reduced to a “dumbphone” in the process.

Point of this post is.. I got the Z2 so I could test it while deciding whether to order a Z3 or an HTC One (M8). But I ended up liking it and it now has almost every feature that the Z3 has. So I think I’ll just keep it!​

​(and wait for the Z4)​

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How to configure SQL for use with SharePoint 2013

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​I found this video about optimizing SQL server for SharePoint 2013.
It’s really worth a viewing:​

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How to check allocation unit size

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This is interesting if you are setting up a new SQL server.
If you are delivered a server ready for install SQL and dont know which allocation unit size the data disks are formatted with, then this is a nice way of telling if you should reformat or not.​

​Disks should be formatted to 64K for best performance for SQL 2008/2012.

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Create SQL placeholder files

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A little tip for SharePoint operations & maintenance consultants out there. If you have access to an SQL server and have slightly limited diskspace for logfiles and datafiles. Then I would recommend to place a large empty files for about 2GB on it. So if the disk goes nearly full (which would of course happen at the most inconvenient times….) , you can just delete the file and have a little buffer before the disk is 100% for preparing disk extension. Pretty neat little trick.

So – just create a large empty file using fsutil:​

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OneDrive taking up space on your local drive?

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Do you want to access OneDrive for Business from a Windows Pro tablet? Now that OneDrive for Business has 1TB storage, its really getting tempting to use it more. But very few tablets have 1GB extra storage. 🙂 Even if you are not going to use anywhere near that much online storage…

But I found this solution which makes you able to map your OneDrive for Business (aka MySite) as a network drive. You will then have access to all your files, but does not need to use any storage at all on your local drive. Now THAT is what I call “SkyDrive”!

Will of course require internet connection.


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The Surface Pro 3

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So, I went and picked up a Surface Pro 3 with the i5 CPU yesterday.
First off, the new keyboard is really nice. I am typing at it this very moment and it’s a great improvement from the Touch Cover I used to have on my Surface Pro. I did A LOT of typos, but for some reason the physical buttons makes all the difference and I can type the way I am used to with the Type Cover 3. When in the tilted up op position if feels kind of strange to type on it because it flexes slightly. But it does feel a lot more like a proper laptop.

The foot on the SP3 itself is really nice. It can be tilted up to 150 degrees I am told, but in real life I find it easy to find the perfect position no matter if I am standing over it, sitting close to it or have it pushed back on the desktop.

With the i5 CPU it is really very snappy in use. No lag at all and runs properly like any modern laptop.

The screen is much larger and does have slightly more pixels than the SP1. I think the screen is just big enough so I can use it as a full day laptop without getting tired by the small screen. Unlike the SP1.

The unit is also very thin, so thin and also it almost feel a little bit fragile. I sure hope it isnt. 🙂

So I went to work today and took the SP3 with me just by luck, I guess to play a little with it during coffee breaks. Well, my work computer must have felt somehow left in the shadow because it didnt want to connect to the network today. So I just used the SP3 as my work computer for the day. And – the battery lasted all day! Quite impressive! And also one of the reasons I traded in the SP1 for the SP3 (battery capacity).

So as you probarbly understand.. A very nice first 24h with my new SP3.

Here is a few links to updated drivers that will NOT be installed trough Windows Update if you are an owner:

Intel Chipset Drivers
Intel Management Engine Interface Drivers
Intel Rapid Storage Drivers

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Garmin Fenix 3

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I just purchased a Fenix 2 for getting myself to do some hiking trips in order to get in better shape. A nice gadget would help motivate me, I guess. 🙂

I chose the Fenix 2 as I got a nice deal on it and it is a watch that I can actually use from day to day as well.

I have added some local maps to it, and allthough its not a very high resolution screen it is cool just to have it on the watch. 😉
I downloaded maps free from and uploaded the sections I needed to the watch’s internal RAM using MapSource. Pretty straight forward.

This watch also stay connected to my phone during workout sessions, so I can see text messages, emails, who is calling me and even messages from Facebook. Yeah, not for everyones taste – I know. But a nice gadgety thing.

​Oh, by the way. I already really like the fact that the time is adjusted from the GPS satelites. So the watch is in the exact same second as my desktop radio controlled watch​. How cool is that?? 😉

I will do some updates later with new findings and experiences with this thing.

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