Update missing/required in SharePoint

Today I had a strange scenario in a SharePoint farm. My task today was to install the security patches for SharePoint that was available trough Windows Update. I did that and rebooted the servers as required. When they were all up again I entered Central Admin and checked the servers in farm list. I was met by this:



I checked the server that had the Installation Required message, and SharePoint was complaining that it was missing a hotfix on that server:


The first thing I checked was if the hotfix was actually installed on the server. And it was!
So what to do then? Then I discovered the Powershell command Get-SPProduct –local
Running this will force a timer job to run on the server and refresh the patch status. I ended up running this on all the servers in the farm as each time I checked the Product and patch installation status in Central Admin it discovered missing patches on the other servers (which werent missing). After running this command on all the servers, the farm was finally ready for a psconfig to commit the upgrade.

Hope this info help someone! 🙂

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  1. dz77 says:

    It helped in my case. Thanks!

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