A week with the Fenix 3

Yesterday I have been using my Fenix 3 for a full week. So I kind of thought it might be interesting to sum up my experiences with it so far.

2015-04-02 13.27.52

I’ve been using it as an activity tracker as well as using the Bluetooth notification functionality that it offers 24/7. And I am happy to say I left the Sony Smartband Talk in the drawer and havent missed it for a second! The activity tracker is not an important thing of my life. Just something I like glancing at from time to time. It seems to work fairly good. The sleep monitor is different from what I am used to, but I also like this approach and it is fairly good at guessing when I am actually sleeping even though I have set standard times for it.

The Bluetooth notifications are working fine most of the time. I have had a couple of times where it did not notify emails, but very rarely. Even though I had my phone next to me. One major improvement over the Smartband Talk is that it saves any notification in the widget, so even though I dont check the notification within the pop-up limit, I can still check back later to see what happened. The widget will replicate active notifications on the my phone. So if I clear the notifications on the phone, it also clears from the watch widget. Very nice!

The GPS accurracy is OK, but not impressive. I have started testing it and I must say the TomTom Multisport is the best I have seen regarding GPS accurracy. I have mostly used the Fenix 3 on forest road or mountain paths so I’ve been giving it a hard time. And I had to do a comparison on a forest road with my friends Suunto Ambit 3:

fenix3-ambit3.jpgFenix 3 with GLONASS ON and 1 sec recording. From this little test, I’d say its about a draw. None of them are perfect and none of them are horrible. But the victory must go to the Ambit 3 because of consistancy. If you take a look at the zoomed area it is much more consistant than the Fenix 3.

But there are things that make the Fenix 3 knock the socks out of the Ambit 3, and that is everything else more or less. I have already customized my activity screen so that I get all available information from the watch that I like to check within an activity. Everything from heart rate graphics to time of sunset. I’ve also included a trackmap similar to what you see on this picture:

2015-04-02 13.27.23
Great for when you are on the return on a forest path and not 100% familiar with the trail. Though in an activity you are not easily able to zoom as indicated on the picture above, so you will only know once you are really out of the trail. You then have to exit the activity and then you will be able to navigate to the screen you se above. Bit of know-how and clicking required.

I have also created tracks for all my previous training paths. In that case I can keep track on where I am on the map, my time ahead or behind the time set for this track and the ETA. Maybe slightly more cool than useful, but definitely a cool feature!

In short – 95% happy with this and would definitely buy again at this stage. The possibilities here are great. Keep in mind that in the time of writing this watch has just about reached the shops. I am expecting more apps to be available as shops get these in stock.

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