Garmin Fenix 3 arrived today – first impressions

Wohoo! I received my new GPS sportwatch today!


This is a cool watch! I am really happy with it on my first day!
It arrived and was unwrapped within seconds. It looks really great and feels very good to the touch. Definately a different league of quality feel from the TomTom Multisport did.

It had just 4% of power when I turned it on so I immediately had to charge it. And it is one of those devices that doesnt let you use it when charging (¤%#¤!!). So, patiently I waited so I could set it up. The setup process was pretty simple and I went off up a hill as soon as I had enough power to take a walk. The menus are quick and snappy. I was notified every KM and I do receive alerts whenever someone text me, I receive an email or the phone rings. Very neat to have this functionality at my wrist while struggling up a mountain path. Not so good for zoning out, though! 😀

When I got home I started setting up my perfect activity screen and it was a lot easier then on my previous Fenix 2 where everything was in code…. Now everything is almost GUI and you are able to see how it will look.

Also there are apps. Apart from weather there is music control which is genious! I can now start/pause, skip and control volume level is great when out walking or running like I do. For Android users this is extra great as most headsets dont offer other than pause/play.

The Fenix 3 also has built in activity tracker. I have gotten very used to Sony Smartband and Sony Smartband Talk that I have used now for almost a year in total. I bought the Smartband for fun, but just couldnt stop using it and later replaced it with the Talk. Over the next few days I will try to use only the Fenix 3 for this. Also for daily step counter and sleep monitor just to see how it works. I may even do a comparison later just for the science of it. 🙂

So all good the first day and I am really happy with the purchase. Watch looks good and seems to work fine. I like the potential in the apps store (Connect IQ Store). Could be great. The only thing that worries me is the GPS accurracy which I have written about before. I’ll do a comparison to my friends Suunto Ambit 3 and report. See you!

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