Sportwatch GPS vs Phone GPS

For fun, I also did a comparison between my ex Fenix 2 and my Sony Xperia Z3 phone.



The GPS tracks from the Fenix 2 is not very impressive as we already know. What I am a little impressed about is the GPS tracks from my phone! It was in my pocket for the whole walk and still recorded very accurately. The Fenix 2 was exposed and on my wrist the whole time (outside my jacket).

I _really_ hope the Garmin Fenix 3 is a lot improved. I still miss my Fenix 2 (who would think that??) and knowing it does have a different GPS sensor with GLONASS I hope there is any progress – from the well known GPS maker Garmin…

..oh, and I already have the Fenix 3 on preorder.. Will update once it’s here!

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