TomTom Multisport +

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So, while waiting for my preordered Garmin Fenix 3 which I believe is the activity watch best suited for my workout AND gadgety needs, I am testing this TomTom. I wanted to test a TomTom just to try something completely different from the Garmin I am used to.


I must first admit I havent used it very much yet, but I still have some first impressions about it. The first thing I noticed when picking it up was the plastic feel of it. It is a 2000 NOK watch and it is really PLASTIC. And with that it is a little doomed to be just a sportwatch – not something I would use every day. It might be me just shipping away my Fenix 2 which was made partly by metal and felt more like a proper watch. But still… I would not use this every day.

Using this in an activity is ok, though. The screen is easy to read and it gets is GPS fix impressively quick. And talking about GPS, it seems very accurate in great contrast to the Fenix 2. It actually recorded my usual workout the same distance twice – something the Fenix 2 never did.

I have more conserns with this, though. The TomTom MySports website is really slow when navigating trough my workouts. So I’m just not using it. My heart rate is slightly higher than I measured with the Fenix 2. I dont know which of them is the most accurate, but it might be the TomTom. That would make sense from the numbers I am getting. Every time I am connecting this to my PC, the time is reset back to 12hour clock (see picture). Why? And if I dont put the clock into “flight mode” after a workout – the battery wears out just in time for my next workout.

So, time for som pros and cons:


  • Price
  • Quick GPS fix
  • Fairly accurate GPS tracking
  • Very readable numbers on the screen in an activity
  • Quick menus and quick in saving sessions
  • Setting to save directly to GPX files for easy import to Endomondo


  • Plastic fantastic
  • Feels a little limited regarding features
  • Not impressive battery life
  • Not very impressive PC software
  • I would like more details of my activity like max HR for the session, ascent/descent, altitude and training effect.
  • No wireless features to upload workout sessions to Endomondo (must connect to PC).

So that is my first impressions!

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