Bye Bye Fenix 2

​[This post was moved from my previous blog]

So, as often happens.. the Fenix 3 was announced in january and when I saw the first picture, I just knew that the Fenix 2 had to go..


It was a quick sell and it was good value for the time I had it.
What I liked about it is the rough look, all the features and the thing I adapted very rapid was the GPS corrected time. I am not sure I can have another watch that doesnt autocorrect the time within a second of the official earthly time. It might be a gadget thing. 😉

But there are two things with the Fenix 2 that I really didnt like very well.

  • GPS accurracy. It’s darn bad. Really not very good.
    See my post in the garmin forum for details: My post
  • The Fenix 2 does support iOS and Android notifications with Bluetooth. But only if you are not connected to an Ant+ device. If you are connected to Ant+ the Bluetooth is disabled. So the only time I actually needed the Bluetooth notifications (when in an activity) its not supported. And its a hardware reason for it, so no change in the pipeline there. Thats more than stupid.

Fortunately the Fenix 3 has a different GPS module (with GLONASS) and it does support Bluetooth and Ant+ at the same time. So two good reasons to get the Fenix 3. 🙂 Will post my impressions once its in my hands.

While waiting I am testing a TomTom Multisport +. Will write some impressions about that one shortly!

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