Sony Xperia Z2

​​[This post was moved from my previous blog]

I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for 17 months. That is a new record for me for owning a single phone! But I think I now know why I’ve never owned a phone for that long. Because it was starting to fail me. 0-2 times a day I had to reboot it because it stopped working with the cell network. And the biggest problem was that it didnt always notify me. It would indicate coverage as if everything was ok. So if I expected a call, I would have to call a number just to check that I was reachable…

Well, so I decided to buy a phone just temporary while waiting for my next work-phone. I got a decent deal on a Sony Xperia Z2 which was released in May 2014, so still from this year. Allthough already replaced by the Z3 with Sony’s 6 months update schedule.

It’s got all the hardware premium feel that I always missed from Samsung phones. I used to own HTC phones which usually have a nice build quality. The Z2 has a really big screen and I dont think I would want a larger phone than this! It’s got a snappy user interface and a battery that I have not been able to drain in a single day so far. And that is a first with any smartphone that I’ve owned! At least for the first few days playing with it. And with the recent 4.4.4 Android update has been a real bonus giving all the features I was missing from the Z3. Even the Ultra Stamina Mode that I really think is a good idea for an absent-minded person like me who might very well forget to bring a charger for a weekend trip…

​Quite decent standby potential with this one. Allthough temporary reduced to a “dumbphone” in the process.

Point of this post is.. I got the Z2 so I could test it while deciding whether to order a Z3 or an HTC One (M8). But I ended up liking it and it now has almost every feature that the Z3 has. So I think I’ll just keep it!​

​(and wait for the Z4)​

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