The Surface Pro 3

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So, I went and picked up a Surface Pro 3 with the i5 CPU yesterday.
First off, the new keyboard is really nice. I am typing at it this very moment and it’s a great improvement from the Touch Cover I used to have on my Surface Pro. I did A LOT of typos, but for some reason the physical buttons makes all the difference and I can type the way I am used to with the Type Cover 3. When in the tilted up op position if feels kind of strange to type on it because it flexes slightly. But it does feel a lot more like a proper laptop.

The foot on the SP3 itself is really nice. It can be tilted up to 150 degrees I am told, but in real life I find it easy to find the perfect position no matter if I am standing over it, sitting close to it or have it pushed back on the desktop.

With the i5 CPU it is really very snappy in use. No lag at all and runs properly like any modern laptop.

The screen is much larger and does have slightly more pixels than the SP1. I think the screen is just big enough so I can use it as a full day laptop without getting tired by the small screen. Unlike the SP1.

The unit is also very thin, so thin and also it almost feel a little bit fragile. I sure hope it isnt. 🙂

So I went to work today and took the SP3 with me just by luck, I guess to play a little with it during coffee breaks. Well, my work computer must have felt somehow left in the shadow because it didnt want to connect to the network today. So I just used the SP3 as my work computer for the day. And – the battery lasted all day! Quite impressive! And also one of the reasons I traded in the SP1 for the SP3 (battery capacity).

So as you probarbly understand.. A very nice first 24h with my new SP3.

Here is a few links to updated drivers that will NOT be installed trough Windows Update if you are an owner:

Intel Chipset Drivers
Intel Management Engine Interface Drivers
Intel Rapid Storage Drivers

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