Garmin Fenix 3

[This post was moved from my previous blog]

I just purchased a Fenix 2 for getting myself to do some hiking trips in order to get in better shape. A nice gadget would help motivate me, I guess. 🙂

I chose the Fenix 2 as I got a nice deal on it and it is a watch that I can actually use from day to day as well.

I have added some local maps to it, and allthough its not a very high resolution screen it is cool just to have it on the watch. 😉
I downloaded maps free from and uploaded the sections I needed to the watch’s internal RAM using MapSource. Pretty straight forward.

This watch also stay connected to my phone during workout sessions, so I can see text messages, emails, who is calling me and even messages from Facebook. Yeah, not for everyones taste – I know. But a nice gadgety thing.

​Oh, by the way. I already really like the fact that the time is adjusted from the GPS satelites. So the watch is in the exact same second as my desktop radio controlled watch​. How cool is that?? 😉

I will do some updates later with new findings and experiences with this thing.

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